My SureFire HL1-A Helmet Light saved my life in 2011. I went to climb Mt. Everest, and I was told to bring two headlamps (made by some other manufacturer) and two flashlights made by the other guys as well. I knew better and brought my two small but bright handheld flashlights, and I purchased two SureFire HL1-A Helmet Lights so I could be innovative and bring my ops core helmet with my Helmet Lights attached to its rails.

Upon arriving at base camp, everyone had to show their equipment to the guides. The guides did not like my idea of my Helmet Lights and did not want to hear about how they are bright and the best helmet-mounted lights money can buy. I was given another brand of headlamp but told that I could still use my helmet.

Fast forwarding to summit day, we were hit by a heavy storm and close to -50° F degree weather. Our headlamps we were given all failed in the extreme cold. It was 4:45 a.m., and we were nowhere near the summit when we were forced to turn around, but it was pitch black out. I had stashed my two Helmet Lights in my pack and was able to locate them and attach them both to the rails on my helmet. I was able to guide six people to safety with those two HL1-As.

Now anything from SureFire is not only allowed by those guides, it’s probably mandatory. Thanks, SureFire.

Sean D.
Antelope, CA

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