At 17:00 hrs in late September, the Lincoln volunteer ambulance was paged to rescue a hunter who'd fallen and fractured his leg. He was five miles from the trailhead in the Scapegoat Wilderness. Most of the route he'd traveled was off the forest service trail and followed a creek up the Continental Divide over steep terrain. We were able to locate him about 19:00 hrs (after the sun set). We had a couple of flashlights, but, unfortunately, the six extra batteries I always carry were tucked safely in my vest back down the mountain on the passenger seat of the ambulance. We managed to get the hunter off the mountain by 23:30, but as we started hiking back, our flashlights died. Luckily, I had my SureFire Helmet_Light with me, so I mounted it to the Tango Down mount on my cap, and was able to lead us safely back to the trail head, where our ambulance awaited us.

Robert F.
Lincoln, MT

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