I am a US Army soldier mechanic. I was in Kandahar, Afghanistan, and was getting ready to go on a convoy when my battle buddy handed me a SureFire Helmet Light. I was able to quickly attach it to my helmet with the easy-to-mount base, and that light was a godsend while on that convoy. It seemed like I grew an extra arm overnight. I had a vehicle break down while we were traveling through some rough terrain. I had to fix some air lines to get the vehicle operational again, and the Helmet Light gave me the needed access to both of my hands. As a mechanic, a good light is a must—especially if it’s hands free.

After that mission, I ordered two lights for each of my soldiers, plus the attachments that hook it to our body armor. It’s such a small item, but it gives us that much more confidence and ability to keep our trucks on the road in Afghanistan. My SureFire is the benchmark for any flashlight that comes in front of me, and they usually just don’t compare. Thank you, SureFire.

Timothy E.
Albany, OR

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