It was a lazy Sunday afternoon, and my wife and I were finishing up watching football on TV. I started to watch a movie, and she went to the bedroom to lie down for a while. About 15 minutes later, I noticed that the paint on the walls of my apartment was bubbling, and before I could even get up to investigate, fire suddenly bolted out from the wall and then down from the ceiling.

I ran and grabbed my wife to get her out. Once safely in the parking lot, we realized that the roof above our unit and the apartment below us were engulfed in flames—and that our puppy, the newest member of our family, was crying out, still locked in his cage. I couldn’t just leave him behind, so I ran back in and kicked the door open. Black smoke rushed out. I grabbed the pair of SureFire G2 flashlights I’d earlier set on the coffee table and, after turning them both on, used one to prop the door open and the other to search for the dog.

I grabbed him and a few other important things and tried to leave, but the smoke got even more intense. With my adrenaline pumping and all of the smoke and heat, I lost my way. That’s when I saw the bright light of the G2 holding the door open. I went toward it, almost tripping on collapsed roof supports several times, but I literally ran toward the light and out the apartment.

Everyone survived, including our pup, and two days later I went back into the apartment to collect the things that weren’t destroyed. There wasn’t much, but one of the things that did survive was the G2 I stuck under the door to keep it open. The tailcap and bezel were melted, but, sure enough, the light still worked after popping a new set of batteries in it.

We've since moved to a new home, and in EVERY room there is at least one SureFire. Most are LEDs, except for the two original G2s, which remind me every day how they helped me and our puppy get out safely.

Andrew A.
Dallas, TX

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