I'm a bouncer at an Irish pub, and as such, it’s not uncommon for me to be involved in eight to nine fights a week. I have a SureFire P2X Fury that I carried in Iraq, so I started bringing it with me to work. Everyone at work liked the dual illumination and compact size, but what really sold them on its necessity was a fight with a drunken linebacker one night.

When asked to leave, the linebacker charged me, leaving me only a moment to think. There was only one other bouncer on duty with me, and neither of us were a match for the raw strength of this man. I instinctively reached for my SureFire Fury and shined the 500-lumen beam into his face. The light was so focused that it didn't bounce of the walls and blind us, but it stopped him dead in his tracks. I had no trouble convincing him to leave after that.

The experience left in indelible impression on my coworkers. Now that we all carry SureFires as part of our uniforms, we've had to use far less force on the job.

Jeremy S.
Moorpark, CA

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