The military trained me to fly fighter jets. After three combat tours I find myself back in civilian life flying as a commercial airline pilot. While it’s not as exciting to fly as military aircraft, I am responsible for a multi-million-dollar piece of equipment and the lives of over 100 passengers. During a pre-flight inspection, using my 500-lumen SureFire Fury, I found something. While inspecting the turbines, I found a raccoon deep inside the engine, something I never would’ve seen with a lesser light because the day was bright and sunny. It takes a really bright light for a proper inspection when the sun is beating down on the aircraft. If I’d have missed that raccoon, the engine would have been destroyed during the start-up procedure. I learned overseas, in combat, just how important a quality flashlight is. That day, my SureFire Fury helped me to prevent expensive engine damage—and possibly prevented a ground-crew worker from serious injury or death from the turbine ripping apart. Having a good flashlight truly is important!

Scott M.
East Syracuse, NY

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