I left Denver, en route to Williston, ND, with a tractor trailer full of a HAZMAT load from a chemical blending and distribution center. The trip is about a 1400-mile turnaround, and I am very familiar with the route and have completed several successful trips in the past without incident. However, on this particular trip, at around 11:30 pm on Wyoming Hwy 59, about 17 miles south of the Montana state line, my headlights quit working on a very narrow and steep two-lane road in a location most would describe as “the middle of nowhere.” Luckily, the P2X Fury that my brother gave me for Christmas was by my side and more than capable of lighting my way by holding the light out of my window so there was no reflection off the inside of the windshield. After about four miles of nerve-wracking driving, I found a safe place to pull over and wait until morning to further investigate the issue, which turned out to be a bad fuse.

I credit your outstanding product to keeping me and everyone else travelling around me that night safe, and I thank you for making such great and reliable products!

Aleks S.
Denver, CO

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