I'm a walnut farmer in Northern California, and I have a small flock of Barbados sheep for "organic" weed control on my farm. The sheep and I are frequently in some fairly rugged terrain, and I make sure to check their condition and portable electric fencing every day around nightfall. I always have my SureFire in hand to see skunks and other critters and to scare off the occasional stray dog or coyote that may be seeking out a lamb dinner. One evening I noticed that the main matriarch sheep in the group was having a problem with her vision. I recognized the tail end of a wild oat seed that had become stuck under her eyelid, and I noticed that she and the rest of the flock were acting wild and upset because of her disorientation. They ran around frantically, while I tried in vain to catch the hurt one, but they wouldn't let me anywhere near her in their frightened state. This went on until dusk turned to night. So I pulled my trusty 6P® LED [superseded by the 6PX Tactical--Ed.] from my pocket and used it to temporarily blind and stun the sheep in a harmless way. I was then able to approach the hurt one and I remove the seed from her eye. I know that I saved lots of money on what would have been a hefty veterinary bill had the seed stayed in and caused any damage to her eye. Thanks for producing the best flashlights in the world. I will always have my SureFire light with me wherever my sheep or I go.

Christopher C.
Colusa, CA

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