I'm a general aviation pilot. Recently, I was celebrating getting my commercial pilot's certificate by flying to Santa Barbara for dinner with two pilot friends of mine. Even though I wasn't the pilot on this flight, I still put my SureFire G2® LED [superseded by the G2X Tactical] and my A2 Aviator® [superseded by the A2 LED Aviator] into my flight bag. After we landed on the runway, we discovered that our landing light and taxi light wouldn't turn on. It was a dark night, and the moon was covered, so the visibility on the ground bad. Plus, some of the taxi lights were out of service as well. A wrong turn at a busy airport like Santa Barbra could cause a major disaster. So, while my friends were wondering what to do, I simply pulled my G2 LED from my bag and stuck it out the cockpit. When I pushed the button, no kidding, the taxi way was totally lighted. In fact, this little flashlight worked better than the original lights on the 1980 Piper. Using only the G2 LED, we taxied to park in one piece. There are lots of things I learned when I took my flight training, but there's one thing I've learned on my own: Never take off without my SureFire.

Alec W.
Taipei, Taiwan

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