It was November 21, 2009. We were all sitting down to our family dinner, me, my wife, and my three daughters. It wasn't but 10 minutes from when the kitchen door had closed and the food was on the table when we all noticed smoke coming through the cracks around the door. My wife opened the door, and all we saw was a wall of orange fire and black smoke coming out. The fire licked its way out along the ceiling and literally chased all of us out of the house. My Randall knife was by the door, so I grabbed it. We had three Chihuahuas in a side room of the house with a separate entrance. For whatever reason I could not get my key to work on the door, so I used the knife to break out a window. More smoke and flames billowed out, and I backed off. Not once did I ever hear my dogs cry or bark. It was as if they lied down quietly so as to not distract us so we could all get out of harm's way. I still well up to this day just thinking about that.

The fire department didn't let us in until the next day. Everything was pretty much gone; the house was a total loss. I noticed on the now-collapsed dinner table my SureFire M6® Guardian®, [now superseded by the M6LT Guardian--Ed.] standing upright. It had been in the living room, and I guess one of the firefighters must have placed it there. I pressed the switch and it lit right up. The lanyard was burned off, part of the rubber switch was melted, and the lens glass was smoky, but the light still worked. Where everything else was destroyed in the living room, only the SureFire M6 survived. A true testimony to the quality of the product.The only two items I have from before the fire are my Randall knife and SureFire M6, two things needed for emergencies. The M6 is now in my glove compartment, where it has come to good use numerous times since. I am an ordinary guy; I don't work tactical in any way. I just believe that the few items a man has should be the best quality he can afford. You have a customer for life, SureFire.

Ken K.
Honolulu, HI

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