About 0030 hours, my wife woke me, saying the disaster sirens were going off and that a tornado had been spotted and was getting close. I placed my wife and daughter in the safest room in the house and grabbed my "disaster kit," which included a SureFire E2L Outdoorsman. We called to warn my father-in-law, who lives about 25 miles away. Ten minutes later we called him again, on his cell phone, and he told us that his farm was no longer there. "It's all gone," he said.

I immediately headed out with my E2L. I could only drive within a half mile of what was left of the farmhouse, so I got out and walked, in the driving rain, my E2L in hand and my spares carrier around my neck. Moving through the terrain, I had to avoid needing rescuing myself√Ęsome of the downed power lines were still live, and the possibility of being punctured from debris was a real threat. As I maneuvered through, I found three other people in the dark, trying to search for anyone who needed assistance. One of them did not have a light source, and two of them had dead flashlights that were no longer usable. None of them could see well enough to safely navigate their way out of the debris. Using my E2L, we all managed the terrain safely and made it to the farmhouse. If it hadn't been for my E2L, four people could have sustained injuries or gotten hypothermia. Luckily, my father-in-law was okay and everyone was safely accounted for. Now every member of my family has a SureFire flashlight. Thanks, SureFire.

Kelly J.
Springfield, MO

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