The E2D Defender® is by far the best SureFire flashlight I've ever owned. It has been on my person every since the day I purchased it, and even when I sleep it is on my nightstand. Naturally, when the E2DL came out I had to get my hands on one. The 120 lumens its LED produces on high is great for doing all sorts of activities where more light is required. And the five lumens of output it generates on low is great for reading maps and general use around the home.

I like to jog at night, and I've always carried my E2D with me when I jog, but now I carry my E2DL. While jogging one night, I was attacked by a homeless person who seemed like he was on some sort of narcotic. He grabbed on to my reflective arm band as I ran past him and held on tightly. With my other hand, I reached into my shorts' pocket and pulled out my E2DL. I hit his hand with the E2DL's crenellated Strike Bezel®, and he released my arm band. Then I quickly shined the light in his eyes, disorienting him, and when he raised his hands to cover his eyes, I hit him in his forehead with the bezel, knocking him to the ground. A Good Samaritan spotted me in distress and helped me hold down the suspect until the police arrived. When the police arrived, they were curious about the odd shape on the suspect's forehead. I showed them the E2DL, and they instantly knew it was a SureFire they even asked me when the LED model of the E2D came out. Thank you, SureFire, for making quality products that I can depend on when my life is on the line.

Eric M.
Bronx, NY

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