After work one night, a few co-workers and I went to a nearby neighborhood bar for a drink. Another patron at that bar, who had obviously been there a while, got cut off by the bartender. Needless to say, the cut-off guy was not happy about it.

The female bartender asked the disgruntled drunk to leave, but he was having none of it. It was a small bar, and she was the only one working that night, so a buddy and I lent a hand and escorted the belligerent drunk out the door. The bartender thanked us, and everybody went about their business; my friends and I took our drinks to the patio area outside.

For some reason I’m still not sure of, I thought to turn around at just the right moment, because if I hadn’t I would have taken a mailbox to the face from the angry drunk. In an instant, I whipped out my SureFire E2DL Defender® and had its 200-lumen beam in his eyes. An instant later and the bartender was spraying a can of pepper spray into his face. The drunk took another wild swing, so I left an impression on him—specifically his forehead, with the Strike Bezel® of my Defender, which was enough to get him to vacate the premises.

The police arrived a few minutes later, and I used my Defender once again to illuminate and identify the drunk, who was in an adjacent parking lot, hopefully contemplating his poor life choices. We left the cops to do their job and we went back to enjoying our drinks. A short while later, one of the officers came into the bar and asked "Who's got the SureFire?" I told him that I did and showed him my light, asking him how he knew I had a SureFire. He pulled an identical light off his duty belt and said, "I recognized the impression in his forehead."

Thanks, SureFire. You've got a customer for life!

Matt K.
Kirkland, WA

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