It was a dark, moonless winter evening in Yosemite Valley as my wife, daughter, and I finished our meal at the Yosemite Lodge Cafeteria. Suddenly, we were plunged into pitch-black darkness. No power, no emergency lights, no generators. No problem. I just reached for the SureFire E1B Backup® that's always tucked into my pocket and shined it off the ceiling €”plenty of light for dining to continue. While other lesser lights flickered on here and there, it was the little E1B that really lit up the room. When we finally had to leave, I found myself peppered with questions about my "lantern" and met with stunned looks when the questioners realized that the "spotlight" was hidden in my palm. The next day we learned that the outage was caused by a ringtail cat that explored the wrong part of a substation, knocking out power throughout the valley until the wee hours of the morning. Good thing I had my SureFire so the only effect of the overnight outage was a little added adventure.

Steve C.
El Cerrito, CA

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