I recently took a trip to Vietnam. After leaving Ho Chi Minh City on a motor scooter and travelling 200 km north, I arrived at Cat Tien National Park. At dusk, the guides begin prepping several spotlights hooked up to extra-large batteries. We loaded up the ragged Toyota and headed out into the park. A few kilometers down the trail, I remembered I had my SureFire E2D LED Defender® in my pocket. I had been carrying it more for personal protection in Ho Chi Minh City than for light, but I decided I would flash it where the guides were not shining their lights. My little torch was brighter than their eight-inch-diameter spotlights wired to 12-volt truck batteries, which baffled the park guides. Five guides were excitedly yelling with amazement in Vietnamese, which made for a hysterical scene. I'd become so accustomed to my Defender that I actually forgot how powerful it actually is.

James E.
Rock Hill, SC

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