I just wanted to write and say how incredibly impressed I am with your products the E2D LED Defender®, to be specific. We have been having some pretty crazy weather up here in Washington State, and after a big snowstorm, my beloved E2DL fell out of my pocket while I was in a parking lot, without my knowledge. The snow was about a foot deep at that point and only got heavier as the days passed. I didn't notice it was gone until later that evening, and given the size of the parking lot, I thought I'd never find it. If it isn't testament enough that I returned to the parking lot almost every day, to search and kick up snow, finally, after two weeks, I finally found it. The light was frozen in a small block of ice and had clearly been run over by a car, as it was beat up pretty bad. I broke up the ice, picked it up, and turned it on. It powered up like it was brand new! The structure and function of this light were clearly designed to be bulletproof. I wouldn't give up on this light, and it clearly wouldn't give up on me. Thanks for an awesome light.

Seattle, WA

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