I took my sea kayak and my SureFire E2D LED Defender out on the Florida Gulf late one night. The moon barely lit the way, but it provided just enough light to notice movement about fifteen feet from my small kayak. I immediately took out my E2DL and blasted the 120 lumens towards movement, but I saw nothing. The same thing happened two more times, but I still couldn't see what was causing the water to stir. The splashing grew more intense and closer to the side of my kayak, so I submerged the E2DL in the salt water, clicked the tailcap, and saw the silhouette of a big crocodile. As soon as the blinding light lit up a 20-foot radius around the kayak, the croc quickly turned and swam away. Thanks to the power of the E2DL's blast, I thankfully didn't have to use its strike bezel that night.

Josh S.
Charlotte, NC

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