I work as a Parking Enforcement Officer. On the job, I get a lot of grief from my fellow workers, who rag on me because I'm a big proponent of EDC (Every Day Carry), and they think it's pointless to carry around a bunch of gear that “you'll never need.” Well, on one sweltering day I was on foot, patrolling downtown. I noticed one car illegally parked in a handicap zone in front of a bank, so I walked over to write it a ticket. To my horror, I heard crying inside the car, and when I looked inside, there was a toddler strapped in a car seat, sweating profusely in the 90+ degree weather—and that was outside the car.

Concerned for the welfare of the child, I ran into the bank and found the mother. She was depositing a check and was planning to be in and out. When we got back to the car the mother was frantic. She was looking for her keys for what seemed an eternity when she realized the worst: she had locked them inside the car. I suggested that she call a tow truck while I radioed for a paramedic. At this point it had been well over 10 minutes in the blistering heat, and all the EMTs were tied up because of the heat wave, and the tow truck was nowhere to be found.

Realizing we couldn’t wait any longer, I took out my SureFire Pen I (EWP-01) that I usually use to fill out citations and told everyone to back away. I used its window-breaker tailcap to smash the driver’s side window out and opened the door to remove the toddler and hand him to his relieved mother. The EMT showed up almost 20 minutes later, and they checked out the toddler to find that he was fortunately okay. I got a cheer from the small crowd that had gathered around the scene, and later a special commendation at work.

All in all, I was just doing my job when something out of the ordinary happened, and thanks to quick thinking and my SureFire Pen, a potentially deadly incident was averted. It’s not often that a “meter maid” gets praise from strangers for doing their job. Thanks, SureFire.

Dominic C.
San Rafael, CA

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