While on a family vacation in Branson, Missouri, we visited Marvel Cave at Silver Dollar City. Before the tour started I noticed the guide was carrying a two-cell Maglite on his side. I told my wife that I was amazed he didn't have a better light. When we got down deep into the cave, he started showing us different things in the dark caverns. About half way through the tour, he tried pointing the beam from his light at something to show us, but it was too far away for his weak light to reach. He told the group that the cave was so big lights couldn't reach some places. I immediately pulled out my brand-new SureFire LX2 and proved him wrong. Everyone on the tour was amazed at how bright my light was. One guy even asked if I could shine my light down a huge hole so he could take a photo. The rest of the tour the guide used my LX2 to show people the hidden features of the cave. When the guide returned the light to me at the end of the tour, he told me he was going to replace his Maglite with a SureFire.

Jeff T.
Louisburg, KS

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