It has been three days since Hurricane Sandy, dubbed the "Frankenstorm,” rampaged through the Mid-Atlantic. For three days my family of four has had no power and no running water. With only five gallons of drinking water available, we had to gather rain water from the gutters to shower and to clean our dirty dishes. We have been eating what little canned foods that remain in our pantry for dinner. The cold, empty darkness can easily bring a sense of hopelessness and depression to even the mightiest of men. It is only by the bright beams of our SureFires that we've found our comfort, warmth, and sanity.

Currently, we have been using two Surefire Minimus headlamps and our trusted E2DL to navigate around the house. Although the sight of an 84-year-old grandma waddling around with a Surefire Minimus on her head may be hilarious, knowing that our grandma won't trip in the darkness and injure herself has brought the family great relief. Our E2DL has, thus far, served us the most by providing a bright 200-lumen beam in the middle of our living room. By standing the flashlight upright on its scalloped tailcap, the E2DL has been our beacon of hope and security. Our family has been gathering around the beam of light every night to share stories of our fondest memories. Although we are still freezing, SureFire has brought our hearts great warmth and confidence.

Thank you, SureFire!

Alex C.
Woodbine, Maryland

See the E2DL flashlight and Minimus headlamp:
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