One evening, we were returning from a reconnaissance patrol in our special patrol vehicles. During the mission, which was very successful and lasted several days, we had the opportunity to stop several wanted terrorists, in large part thanks to the SureFire WeaponLights attached to our weapons, which allowed us to effectively fire at night from a moving vehicle.

Night was falling, and we were only 50 kilometers from our FOB (forward operations base), but we still had to contend with an enormous mountain in front of us. This mountain had lots of winding paths on it that were perfect for an enemy ambush, so I made the decision to go around it. We were driving at a high speed when a huge fireball suddenly appeared right in front of my face. I was overwhelmed by the blast, and then I crashed violently into a pile of stones along the side of the road, about ten meters from the vehicle.

At first I thought we were being attacked and we’d been stopped by an RPG, so I was expecting to receive AK fire. But nothing came; only silence. It turned out we had run over a seven-kilogram tank mine, and the front of our 4,000-kilogram vehicle was completely gone. The engine had been thrown more than 25 meters from the vehicle. My leg was injured, and my priority was to stabilize my condition so I could help my teammate, the driver, who was still in the vehicle. I put a tourniquet on my leg and crawled to the vehicle to help him, because he was bleeding from a wound in his head. Thankfully, a bit later the rest of our team arrived on the scene and evacuated us to safety.

Our weapons, which had been on the vehicle dashboard, were completely destroyed, but one of our two SureFire lights, which had been detached from the weapon by the shrapnel, amazingly still worked when we switched it on! Thank you, SureFire, for making such quality WeaponLights.
Mike, French Special Forces Soldier