In July of 2010, I was in Marjah, Afghanistan, providing Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) support to 2nd Battalion 6th Marines. I had just received my new surefire E2D LED Defender® flashlight and Saint headlamp. I was answering a lot of questions from my fellow Marines and naysayers about my new lights, namely, “Are they worth the price?”

We were informed that there had been a series of explosions on a main supply route. We arrived, and with the help of my SureFires, I was able to light up the night, locating all the evidence needed to rebuild the initial device and locate a 60-pound IED buried in a dark spot in the road. There is no doubt that my SureFire combo helped save time, money, and perhaps even the lives of my fellow Marines. Thanks.

S Sgt. Pedro H.
Oceanside, CA

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