Back in '09, during a deployment in Afghanistan, my squad and I got tasked with a route-clearance mission. We were to be in the middle of the "V," basically serving as the spearhead of the operation. On my M4 I had a SureFire M951XM07 WeaponLight with a pressure pad switch running down onto a vertical foregrip. After about an hour of patrolling, we were engaged by the enemy and two Marines were wounded. Once contact died down, we entered a small town and began clearing buildings, just as the sun was setting and it was getting dark. My team and I were tasked to clear a building right next to a building that had already been cleared. I took point and entered first, where I was immediately met by a Taliban fighter who was just as surprised to see me as I was to see him. Even with all the training I'd received in the Marine Corp, nothing could have prepared me to finally see the enemy this close. I panicked and tensed up, which actually saved my life, because my rifle was pointed directly at the fighter and when I tensed up I inadvertently squeezed my M951's pressure-pad switch and the light activated, blinding the Taliban fighter and giving me enough time to calm down and fire. Three shots were fired in the next two seconds one from his rifle; two from mine. He shot first, but my two shots were on target and quickly ended the engagement.

After it was over, I turned around to find a bullet hole in the wall behind me just three inches from where my head was. Because of the blinding beam from my SureFire WeaponLight, he missed his shot and I was able to walk away unharmed. Thank you for making an amazing, lifesaving product. Because of the dedication you put into your lights, I'm still here today to tell you my story.

Devin J.
North Las Vegas, NV

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