My company purchased 16 HellFighter WeaponLights to use while we are deployed to Iraq. They have been working great and serve as a great escalation-of-force tool, among other things, allowing us to get our point across without firing any rounds. As you probably know, this country is riddled with IED's (improvised explosive devices), which occasionally strike US HMMWVS. Well, last week one of our vehicles sustained a catastrophic hit that obliterated the truck. Of the many pieces we found, one was the upper receiver assembly of the M2 .50 cal machine gun about 150 meters from the explosion site that had been ripped from the rest of the weapon in the explosion. To our surprise, the HellFighter light was still attached! When we got back to our forward observation battalion, we got a power cable from another HellFighter to see if the blown-up one still worked. To our amazement it lit right up.

CPT Michael T

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