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One evening, we were returning from a reconnaissance patrol in our special patrol vehicles. During the mission, which was very successful and lasted several days, we had the opportunity to stop several wanted terrorists... Read More

I just retired from the SEAL teams after 20 years in the Navy. SureFire lights have always been on my pistols and rifles throughout my entire SEAL career. I currently have a Scout Light (my favorite) on my personal M4. I also love your X-Series pistol lights. The brightness on both of these lights is perfect. I’m a big person, so when clearing ships or small spaces in compounds, I would always transition to my pistol and use my SureFire pistol light. I don’t use a remote grip switch because I prefer to use my thumb to turn the light on, to prevent any accidental discharges. Searching a ship, I almost always used my pistol light in confined spaces. The Scout Light® and an X-Series pistol light are the perfect combination for me. I think they helped me survive more than one war zone as well as real-world ship takedowns. Thanks for the part you played in getting my brothers and me home safely.

SOC Robert S.
Virginia Beach, VA

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While serving in the army, I was stationed in Baghdad, back in 2008. I was a .50 cal gunner in my platoon. Equipped on my .50 cal was a SureFire HellFighter® light. The sheer brightness of this light prevented several vehicle accidents while driving blacked out. With the infrared filter, I was able to light the battlefield with illumination for my platoon, while dismounted. During combat, this light made it possible to successfully engage without fear of what else might be on the battlefield. After we hit an IED with one of trucks and the truck was destroyed, the HellFighter was in bad shape but still worked. Ever since then, all I buy is SureFire.

Richard C.
Sacramento, CA

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I was a combat medic in Afghanistan and was deployed to a remote combat outpost. We had set up a nighttime traffic control point, trying to disrupt the movement of IED supplies through a remote region. The members of our squad were positioned around an intersection of three roads, and we had been sitting there in the dark for hours, searching people who happened to be out at that hour. I was set up in a place we had designated as a good egress point, just in case we had to establish a casualty collection point.

I was covering my sector when I saw a motorcycle pop up over a small hill. The member of my squad who was covering that direction was engaged in searching an individual, and I could tell that, by the time the motorcycle got into his field of vision, it would be too close to perform all of the escalation-of-force steps. There was no way for him to know whether or not the motorcycle was hostile, but he wouldn’t take any chances. There was a very real possibility that his only choice would be to fire on the motorcycle.

I quickly switched to the strobe function of my SureFire R1 Lawman and activated it from about 50 feet away, shining it into the motorcyclist’s eyes. The light was so disorienting that the driver swerved and fell off of his motorcycle at a safe distance. We were then able to converge on his position while he was still disoriented and trying to regain his normal eyesight, so we could search him without incident.

It's always a good day when I don't have to dip into my medical supplies, and my SureFire, at the very minimum, saved me some tourniquets and gauze that day. It probably also saved that motorcyclist’s life.

Devin S.
Fort Lee, VA

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During my tour in Afghanistan (2009-2010), I had the Surefire LX2 LumaMax® with me everywhere. It was always in a pocket on my lower left leg for when I ever needed it. During that tour it took all the beatings of combat and missions. Never once did it let me down.

On one day, in January of 2010, I was returning from a mission and heading back to base when my vehicle hit a massive IED. I was severely injured in the blast. Along with numerous internal injuries, I’d also lost my left leg. My weapon, which was next to my leg, was nothing but a twisted, mangled J-shaped piece of metal from the blast.

After almost a year in Walter Reed, I was able to track down my gear. While digging through my personal belongings from that fateful day, I found my trusty SureFire from the blast. It had chunks of metal taken out of the body, and the glass was totally destroyed, but just for the heck of it I pushed the button—the light came on! After taking a direct blast from a powerful IED, my SureFire LX2 still worked! I still have it to this day, in a place of remembrance of that fateful day.

Shane B.
McLean, VA

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I am a soldier and was deployed to an undisclosed internment facility in an undisclosed Middle-Eastern country. Among my duties was the accountability of detainees at this facility. We used handheld military radios, and I was given an aftermarket earpiece to use with the radio so I would be able to hear the audio but, for obvious reasons, the detainees could not. The earpiece I was given was very uncomfortable. Our shifts were 12 hours long, which made it very unpleasant to have this particular earpiece in my ear for so long. I picked up a pair of filtered SureFire Sonic Defenders® earplugs at my PX after learning they could also be used as radio earpieces simply by removing the noise-reducing filter. I removed the uncomfortable earpiece from my radio system and attached the filter-less SureFire earpiece. It fit great, both on my radio’s connector tube and inside my ear. The new SureFire earpiece made it so much more comfortable to wear for long periods of time, helping to ensure my safety and the safety of those around me.

I'm not sure many folks know filtered Sonic Defenders can be used this way, so I wanted to tell you about my experience and thank you for making such great products. Along with my SureFire earpiece, I also carried a SureFire T1A Titan® in my right pocket every shift, which I put to use frequently. Thanks again, SureFire.

Tamara B.
Dallas, TX

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I was a designated marksman in 1st Battalion, 6th Marines, B Company. In 2010, my company was inserted by helicopter into Marjah, Afghanistan. The SureFire HL1-D-TN mounted on my helmet saved me from the first time my boots hit the ground, getting off the bird. There was no moon for ambient light, and if you've ever worn a night-vision PVS-14, you know how hard it is to see. The infrared illumination from my SureFire Helmet Light allowed me to get set up and in position for the long firefight that started when the sun rose. It also allowed my platoon to know exactly where I was, thanks to its infrared IFF flashing beacon. I'm sad to say that, on the second day of the firefight, I was shot in my helmet by a sniper and my Helmet Light was lost. But my family was quick to send a replacement, which made subsequent patrols so much easier. Thanks, SureFire.

Andrew K
Casper, WY

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          HL1-A   HL1-B-TN   HL1-C-TN   HL1-D-TN

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As a medic in Iraq, it was my job to go out and check for casualties. One night, during a particularly intense firefight, I was checking on a particular casualty, who I heard moaning in the distance. We were still under attack, and I couldn’t leave him lying there because he was vulnerable to flying shrapnel. I ran over to him and dragged him to the nearest bunker so I could examine him with some type of safety. He was a bit incoherent but complaining of pain in his right leg. I examined him and found that he had ripped clothing from a piece of shrapnel that was sticking out of his pants right where the hip pocket was. To my astonishment, upon further examination the large piece of shrapnel was embedded in his SureFire 6P® flashlight. If that flashlight had not stopped this piece of shrapnel, he would have lost his leg or, even worse, shredded his artery and he would have bled to death.

I cannot say thank you enough, SureFire, for building a product that not only never quits but is built tough enough to literally save lives! I will never forget my time in Iraq with my brothers and sisters and how much we depended on your flashlights and WeaponLights nightly. Thank you again for your fine products!

Sgt. Stephen F.
Colorado Springs, CO

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I am a US Army soldier mechanic. I was in Kandahar, Afghanistan, and was getting ready to go on a convoy when my battle buddy handed me a SureFire Helmet Light. I was able to quickly attach it to my helmet with the easy-to-mount base, and that light was a godsend while on that convoy. It seemed like I grew an extra arm overnight. I had a vehicle break down while we were traveling through some rough terrain. I had to fix some air lines to get the vehicle operational again, and the Helmet Light gave me the needed access to both of my hands. As a mechanic, a good light is a must—especially if it’s hands free.

After that mission, I ordered two lights for each of my soldiers, plus the attachments that hook it to our body armor. It’s such a small item, but it gives us that much more confidence and ability to keep our trucks on the road in Afghanistan. My SureFire is the benchmark for any flashlight that comes in front of me, and they usually just don’t compare. Thank you, SureFire.

Timothy E.
Albany, OR

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          HL1-A   HL1-B-TN   HL1-C-TN   HL1-D-TN

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In July of 2010, I was in Marjah, Afghanistan, providing Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) support to 2nd Battalion 6th Marines. I had just received my new surefire E2D LED Defender® flashlight and Saint headlamp. I was answering a lot of questions from my fellow Marines and naysayers about my new lights, namely, “Are they worth the price?”

We were informed that there had been a series of explosions on a main supply route. We arrived, and with the help of my SureFires, I was able to light up the night, locating all the evidence needed to rebuild the initial device and locate a 60-pound IED buried in a dark spot in the road. There is no doubt that my SureFire combo helped save time, money, and perhaps even the lives of my fellow Marines. Thanks.

S Sgt. Pedro H.
Oceanside, CA

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          E2DL-BK   Headlamps

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The Surefire Helmet Light with built-in IFF (Identify Friend or Foe) transponder was a piece of equipment my team and my command fought to get for months. Finally, I made a few deals and scored us a couple of Helmet Lights for Downed Aircraft Recovery missions.

During the months in Kandahar, our team responded to multiple sites, all in the middle of the night. One night, our team was inserted under fire. The helicopter and team were taking fire; one round hit the tool box they had and bounced off a team member’s helmet. As they took up firing positions, they had the IFFs on their Helmet Lights on. Overwatch provided a Reaper drone that picked up the IFF signals and clearly identified the bad guys from the good guys.

I have no doubt, SureFire, that you provided the necessary tools that saved the lives of my men, preventing friendly fire and getting them home safely. From a grateful and proud team, thank you for having our backs.

Joseph K.
Fort Campbell, KY

PS: I got the go-ahead to order more Helmet Lights. Thanks, Big Army. Also, thanks for the easy-to-find NSNs.

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          HL1-A   HL1-B-TN   HL1-C-TN   HL1-D-TN

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In 2010, I was critically wounded in Kandahar, Afghanistan, by an IED and small-arms ambush while on foot patrol. I had life-threatening wounds and was permanently blinded in my left eye. I returned fire, but every weapon attachment was busted. We had five additional wounded and two KIA (killed in action).

After medevac and return to The States, my equipment was returned to me. Every weapon attachment was busted; however, my SureFire WeaponLight and LED Helmet Light still functioned. They were cracked and peppered from shrapnel, but they still shined on, bright as ever. These lights took serious abuse but still came out on top.

I still use them when any critical situation arises. Through hell or high-water, these products work.

Wade C. - OEF 10 US Army, 82nd Airborne
Red Lodge, MT

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          HL1-A   HL1-B-TN   HL1-C-TN   HL1-D-TN

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Anyone that has ever used a SureFire can tell you all about its extreme durability and intense light output. When I was in Iraq, primarily Fallujah, most of the guys had 6Ps—purchased with their own money, as we were issued decent but much less adequate lights from another manufacturer—mounted to their rifles. Gear is expensive, and certainly the Marine Corps has the lowest budget for it, but we all try to do the most with what we’ve got. Well, I took it upon myself to buy a dedicated infrared SureFire light that went with me on every convoy. It’s just as bright as any other SureFire, but those of us with NVDs (night vision devices) could see its beam.

One night, I was machine gunner for our convoy, which is a dangerous job, but a lot less dangerous with our SureFire’s lighting up the night. On this particular night, there was some small-arms fire from the locals at a nearby village, but it wasn’t directed at us. There was also some air support in the area. As we passed the village, all of the lights suddenly went off at the same time. Keeping my infrared light on, to enhance our night vision, our company commander spotted a glint in the roadway, illuminated only by my light, which turned out to be an IED. We stayed put—safe and sound—until EOD came out and cleared the way for us. If it hadn’t been for my powerful IR light, we probably would’ve driven right over that IED.

Thank you, SureFire, for keeping us safe.

James T.
Reynoldsburg, OH

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I am an Air Force JTAC and, while on a foot patrol in Afghanistan at night, we were hit with and IED that was followed by a complex attack from 270 degrees around us. We had two F18s flying overhead, but due to faulty IR strobes, they couldn’t locate our position. I immediately pointed my M4 rifle to the sky, turned my SureFire Scout Light® on, and started to wave my weapon around until the F18s found our position. After they had our location, we started to engage the enemy with guns and bombs. No “friendlies” were hurt in the firefight, but we decimated the enemy forces. Thanks to my SureFire Scout Light, about 35 soldiers, including myself, are alive to tell this story.

Ryan S.
DuBois, PA

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          Scout Light

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Prior to deploying to the Afghan Pakistani border, we were each issued a SureFire Helmet_Light. During one of our patrols in a remote village near the border, my platoon stopped to talk to some elders about the security in their village. I was pulling security at the 12 o'clock position, and, after a few moments, many of the villagers started coming out to talk to us. Before long there were about 50 people around us, talking to my platoon leader. Suddenly, an insurgent in the crowd came up behind me and swung a sickle at my neck. The force of the impact knocked me to the ground. For a second I didn't realize what had happened, but I felt a throbbing pain in my neck. The insurgent immediately dropped his sickle and disappeared into the crowd. It took about two seconds before the entire crowd dispersed in all directions.

After the medic bandaged my neck, I realized my SureFire Helmet Light had been cut in half. The force of the blow had been enough to slice through its tough polymer body. If I hadn't been wearing that light, I'm confident things would've been a lot worse for me. That little Helmet Light saved my life then and there, and continues to protect my colleagues while they're out conducting nighttime missions. Thank you, SureFire, for making such an outstanding product.

Matthew M.
FOB Connolly, Afghanistan

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          HL1-A   HL1-B-TN   HL1-C-TN   HL1-D-TN

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I can't tell you how excited I was to install your Rapid Transition Sights on my scoped LMT MRP rifle. It was like Christmas all over again and my wife was laughing while I was staring at the rifle. The 'RTS' sights are very high quality and will come in useful for any AR/Rail Type rifle that utilizes magnification along the M1913 Rail. The sights are perfect for far and near targets and can be used as a primary or secondary option, depending on the distance and situation. I also like the flat head screw for mounting as you can use a dime or multi-tool screwdriver in the field to tighten them. The container for the thread locker was a hit as well. I can't tell you how many times manufacturer's supply thread locker that comes in a small bag pouch and ends up everywhere but the actual threads. Excellent attention to detail and convenience here! The packaging was nice as well. I can't wait to get these in front of L.E. Departments, 3-Gunners and Military alike. If you can let someone in the U.S. Army Products Procurement Group see these, I am sure they would be highly interested. Thanks again!

Robert Harris

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While deployed in Panjiway Province, Afghanistan, we often did missions at night. Several months into our mission, our searchlight was destroyed. A replacement light was unavailable. Now, driving through towns like Khandahar at night without a light is insane. Luckily, I had my Surefire L4 LumaMax, which we taped to the side of our .50 caliber machine gun mount. We finished the rest of our deployment using that Surefire L4 as a search light. Not only did it work, no one really noticed a difference. A lot of guys on our team refused to believe we used that little light every night--until they saw it light up for themselves. Through Taliban attacks, heavy rain and sandstorms, even rammings from other vehicles, our little L4 kept on working long after our heavy-duty searchlight broke.

Christopher W.
Aiea, HI

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We were out on a mounted patrol through the roads of Iraq. We were four trucks, rolling with lights on, my vehicle in the lead with a mine roller mounted to it. The lights on my vehicle died for some unknown reason, and I had to make a call fast: bring up a Humvee with hardly any armor to resist an IED or keep pushing on with the mine roller. All at once, the other two Marines in my truck and I said in unison, "SureFires up!"

The three of us pointed our SureFires on the road and what do we see? Two pressure-plate IEDs waiting for us. We waited for an hour for the IEDs to be destroyed, then continued on our mission for another hour or so when, right there in front of us, appears yet another IED.

The sun finally started to rise, and we made it back safely to our FOB. But without the quick thinking of three highly trained Marines and the brightness of three well-aimed SureFires, the roads of Iraq may very well have eaten us alive.

David T.
Oceanside, CA

Back in 2004, my unit was deployed to Iraq. During the deployment, one of the trucks from our headquarters company was hit by an IED. After the explosion, the insurgents who laid the IED ambushed the truck and managed to get away with a few weapons

In 2006, my unit deployed again to the same area of Iraq, and while on this deployment, men from one of our companies got into a firefight with at least 10 insurgents. After the firefight was over, one of the dispatched insurgents was carrying an M4 belonging to our unit from the '04 deployment that was thought to have been destroyed. This rifle had a SureFire WeaponLight and a homemade wooden stock glued to the stock tube. This light survived an IED attack and still worked unfortunately, in the hands of the enemy. I wouldn't trust my life with any WeaponLight other than a SureFire. I have seen these blown up, shot, dropped, and burned, and they still work, just like you guys say they will.

Nathan R.
Wilmington, NC

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I set my M4 rifle on a tire of an M-ATV, in the wheel well, while prepping the gun truck to go out on mission. Under the pressure of the current situation, I completely forgot about my weapon and continued to drive off. Unfortunately for me, my M4, and my next month's paycheck, I destroyed a PEQ15 (day/night laser designator), the weapon, and a cheap magazine. On the bright side, the SureFire WeaponLight mounted to the M4 made it through with just a scratch. Thanks, SureFire. I'll use no other brand of light.

Sgt. Robert J.
FOB Fenty, Afghanistan

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Back in '09, during a deployment in Afghanistan, my squad and I got tasked with a route-clearance mission. We were to be in the middle of the "V," basically serving as the spearhead of the operation. On my M4 I had a SureFire M951XM07 WeaponLight with a pressure pad switch running down onto a vertical foregrip. After about an hour of patrolling, we were engaged by the enemy and two Marines were wounded. Once contact died down, we entered a small town and began clearing buildings, just as the sun was setting and it was getting dark. My team and I were tasked to clear a building right next to a building that had already been cleared. I took point and entered first, where I was immediately met by a Taliban fighter who was just as surprised to see me as I was to see him. Even with all the training I'd received in the Marine Corp, nothing could have prepared me to finally see the enemy this close. I panicked and tensed up, which actually saved my life, because my rifle was pointed directly at the fighter and when I tensed up I inadvertently squeezed my M951's pressure-pad switch and the light activated, blinding the Taliban fighter and giving me enough time to calm down and fire. Three shots were fired in the next two seconds one from his rifle; two from mine. He shot first, but my two shots were on target and quickly ended the engagement.

After it was over, I turned around to find a bullet hole in the wall behind me just three inches from where my head was. Because of the blinding beam from my SureFire WeaponLight, he missed his shot and I was able to walk away unharmed. Thank you for making an amazing, lifesaving product. Because of the dedication you put into your lights, I'm still here today to tell you my story.

Devin J.
North Las Vegas, NV

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          Millennium WeaponLights

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I have one of your Scout Light® WeaponLights, and I also used a HellFighter® on my .50 caliber machine gun in Iraq. With the Scout Light, I used it to clear rooms and to find things in the dark. I still use one on my AR-15 at home to keep unwanted trespassers at bay. I loved my HellFighter in Iraq. Our motto was "put daylight on them without them knowing it." And we did just that, because we rarely took the infrared filter off.

Matt Y.
Knoxville, AR

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          Scout Light   HellFighter®

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My company purchased 16 HellFighter WeaponLights to use while we are deployed to Iraq. They have been working great and serve as a great escalation-of-force tool, among other things, allowing us to get our point across without firing any rounds. As you probably know, this country is riddled with IED's (improvised explosive devices), which occasionally strike US HMMWVS. Well, last week one of our vehicles sustained a catastrophic hit that obliterated the truck. Of the many pieces we found, one was the upper receiver assembly of the M2 .50 cal machine gun about 150 meters from the explosion site that had been ripped from the rest of the weapon in the explosion. To our surprise, the HellFighter light was still attached! When we got back to our forward observation battalion, we got a power cable from another HellFighter to see if the blown-up one still worked. To our amazement it lit right up.

CPT Michael T

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While stationed in Iraq with the 3rd 116th Infantry as a convoy commander, we were leaving Taji at night, en route to pick up additional vehicles in Baghdad, when the alternator burned out in my armored security vehicle. During the quick stop in Baghdad en route back to Al Taqaddum, the mechanic told me I had a good chance of making it back to Al Taqaddum as long as the batteries maintained their charge. Well, with 150 miles left to travel, the vehicle lights went black, as did the radio communications, and my driver nearly hit a highway divider. So I used the SureFire M951XM07 WeaponLight mounted on my weapon to illuminate the road all the way back to Al Taqaddum. An hour and three quarters later we made it back and my M951 still had enough power to illuminate the path back to our cans. That's one tough light.

Murril M.
Danville, VA

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            Millennium WeaponLights

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While in Iraq, my unit did a lot of personal security for the 49th MP brigade, so we were all over the place. In the beginning, we had lasers to warn traffic, but when we received our SureFire M900 Series WeaponLights we really started to get the attention of the locals. These lights were so incredibly effective at stopping traffic, they even caused an accident or two. It was a shame we had to turn them in to the new unit.I now own three SureFire flashlights, and I swear by them. Thanks for making such outstanding products, SureFire.

Steve U.
Nogales, AZ

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            M900V   M900L-BK-WH   M900LT-BK-WH

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It was a pitch-black, quiet night, and I was under the cover of a burned-out house. I saw what appeared to be an iPod and assumed it had been dropped by one of my fellow soldiers. Well, it wasn't an iPod; it was an IED (improvised explosive device). I remember a bright, white light flashing, and waking up several hours later with a wall on top of me. I was 99% covered and stuck, except for my free right arm. I could not see and could barely breathe, but I could hear what I thought were drones passing by overhead and other units passing by. But I couldn't make a sound. Then I remembered that my SureFire L4 was on my belt.

After 10 minutes of painful wiggling, I was able to reach my L4 with my right hand. My head was split wide open, my nose was nearly completely off my face, so I couldn't get enough air, and I was quickly passing out, but I was able to click my L4 on and off several times before losing consciousness. It was enough to get me noticed by the drone passing over me. Roughly 20 minutes later, I was rescued and extricated from under a ton of debris. Now, 197 stitches later, I'm back home recuperating and rehabilitating. The hundred-plus dollars I spent on my L4 was worth every penny. This is a life-saving tool. My only regret is that, after I passed out, I dropped my L4 and lost it forever. But I'm already saving up for a new one and hope to rejoin my unit in a few weeks. God bless America, God bless The Corps, and God bless SureFire!

Gunny David M.
Piscataway, NJ

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