I'm an Eagle Scout and go camping quite frequently with my local Boy Scout Troop. The one thing that I always bring with me is my SureFire L2 [superseded by the LX2--Ed.] and/or my SureFire E1L Outdoorsman. These great lights have always served me well in all camping conditions. My L2 can easily light up the whole campsite. I am always amazed at how many comments I get about how bright it is. Also, I always love how these lights become the center of conversation among the younger scouts and even the adults. It's always kind of fun to gloat and be, like, "Yep, that's my flashlight."

Thanks, SureFire, for making such an awesome flashlight that can wow Boy Scouts. Keep up the good work.

Ben M.
Lebanon, OH

See the LX2 and the E1L flashlights:

          LX2-HA-WH   E1L-A