As a camera assistant on motion pictures, television shows, and commercials, I handle very intricate and small parts, often colored black, every day. Though a movie set is full of light, where cameras are placed is never bright, and we camera crew need flashlights all day long.

Threading film precisely inside film cameras and checking for dust and foreign objects is one of the main tasks of a camera assistant. When an assistant director says to check the gate after a take, it is the camera assistant's job to check the gate area of the camera for any foreign objects that might show up on the film. Upon our approval, we move on to the next camera set-ups. This process requires a good, dependable flashlight, as we have to inspect a very small film gate very thoroughly. SureFire flashlights are the camera crew's choice and have been for years. We use them every day, and SureFire never fails us. They're bright, robust, durable, and feature long- lasting bulbs, at affordable prices.

We camera crew guys consider SureFire one of our best investments.

Sung C.
New York, NY