The East Coast was being slammed with a freak snowstorm. We had just lost power, and I had to go out and get some ice to prevent our food from spoiling. At the intersection near the store, two cars were involved in a pretty nasty accident. With no electricity to power the traffic signals, they must not have noticed each other and collided. The situation appeared to be pretty dangerous with limited visibility and flying snow.

A police officer was already on the scene, and he looked pretty overwhelmed. I and a few other drivers got out of our cars to see what we could do to help. The officer told everyone to get back in their cars—except for me. He called me over and asked me to help divert traffic. I gladly obliged, grabbing my G2X Pro to assist the officer in redirecting cars until official help arrived.

After the situation was under control, the officer thanked me and I asked him why he selected me to help. “Easy,” he said, nodding at the SureFire cap on my head, “your hat.” He said he was familiar with SureFire and the types of people who use their products. SureFire represents more than just quality illumination tools; it represents a certain brand of people. In this particular officer’s eyes, strong, capable, people who can be relied on for help. Thanks, SureFire.

Victor P.
Hellertown, PA

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