I have retinitis pigmentosa (RP), a genetic and incurable retinal degenerative disease that causes night blindness and tunnel vision. For this reason, I have walked fully clothed into a swimming pool several times in my life, apologized to mailboxes and fire hydrants when I walk into them, etc.

One day, my wife discovered a SureFire flashlight in a spy shop in London. Since that day, I never go out without one, and often two, SureFire flashlights and spare batteries. Unfortunately, very few people with RP have heard of SureFire flashlights, or know about the great intensity and superb quality of your products. And rather than direct patients to SureFire, local RP experts in Boston have instead urged patients to purchase expensive infrared optical devices, a much less cost-effective alternative.

I'm indebted to SureFire, and frequently tell others with my condition about your superb products.

Peter C.
Chestnut Hill, MA