I have been into flashlights for as long as I can remember. I've owned more than I can count, from disposable squeeze lights, in the early years, to many name-brand, bulky aluminum ones; spotlights too. I have been on a two-decade search for the "best" flashlight I can carry, since I have plenty at home and in my car. I eventually made my list of qualifications of my dream everyday-carry flashlight:

1. Small enough to carry
2. Not too expensive
3. A super-bright LED
4. Durable
5. Won't accidentally turn on in my pocket
6. Affordable batteries

Unfortunately, no flashlights I checked out met all of these qualifications. I'd heard of SureFire, mainly from family friends, but I always thought they were hundreds of dollars, even for the cheapest models. I also thought their lamps burned out in a matter of hours and that the 123A lithium batteries that powered them were expensive.

Well, one lucky break at the car-rental place where I work changed my mind. When we find things in cars that aren't garbage, we put them in lost-and-found and, if they aren't claimed after a couple of months, we can keep them. I found a SureFire 6P® in a car, which never got claimed, so, after a couple of months, it became mine. I bought some new batteries for it, and it worked fantastic. After that, I started visiting the SureFire website frequently, even making it a "favorite" on my phone. I read a lot about your flashlights, and what really impressed me were the "True Stories." Recently, I bought a 6PX Pro and a quick-release holster at a local store that carries SureFire, and I now know that, at 30 years old, my search for the "best" flashlight is finally over. It meets all of my qualifications. All other flashlights (except my found 6P) are nothing but cheap toys now. My 6P is next to my bed, at home, and I carry my 6PX everywhere I go, always on my belt, ready for use. I am a SureFire fan for life.

Jayson H.
Beaverton, OR

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