Just wanted to let you guys know how much I love my Surefire lights. I started off with the A2 thinking I was insane for spending over $200 for a flashlight, but boy was I wrong! Within moments of turning on my A2, I realized it was money well spent, and a week later I bought a U2 Ultra, which never leaves my side. work nights hauling liquid nitrogen and oxygen and depending on the task at hand I need different amounts of light. When I'm reading a LCD meter, too much power washes out the readings, so I set the U2's adjustable setting to low. When I'm inspecting my truck or scoping out a dark delivery area, I have the U2 set on high.

I've dropped my U2 several times and it shows no signs of wear at all. My company gave us "police style" flashlights made by another major manufacturer a few weeks back, and I just had to laugh at the build quality and the performance (or lack of it). Needless to say, that light is still sitting in my locker collecting dust while my U2 is my light of choice. My U2 is also the only light that, when people see me using it, they walk up to me and ask me what kind of light I am using. I let them try it out and direct them to this site so they can get their own. Thanks Surefire for making my job much safer, easier, and brighter!

Les L.
Bethlehem, PA

See the U2 flashlight: