My SureFire 2211® WristLight has been a blessing in so many ways. Always being strapped to my wrist, it’s able to help me spot suspicious people lurking in the neighborhood at night, find my keys that I dropped in the yard one night, work on the car, see hidden animals that had the dogs spooked—it even saved my wrist and arm from injury, when I fell one night, from my vertigo, and stepped off of the edge of the sidewalk. I somehow did a flip of sorts, and the WristLight took most of the impact instead of my wrist. And despite getting hit hard enough to knock a couple small chunks out of it, the WristLight just keeps on working.

I am very thankful for such a good product. I wish this had been around when I was working security jobs. I highly recommend this for anyone who needs a good, variable-output light you can keep with you 24/7. With the 15- to 200-lumen output range, it is surprising how much light it puts out in a flawless beam pattern.

Jeff K.
Greensboro, NC

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