I was, and still am, a contractor for the DOD and the Department of State. I was deployed to Iraq in 2007 and met a young woman who loaned me her SureFire one evening in the bunker. We spent many long nights in bunkers or going for walks or what have you using her SureFire 6P® to light our way. Tumultuous times as they are, she ended up going home earlier than planned, and when she left she asked if I wanted her SureFire. I humbly accepted, and with a tearful kiss goodbye she was on her way back to the U.S. Well, here it is, five years later, and I still rock her 6P in the field in Iraq in support of the Department of State—and we are contemplating getting married and starting a family of our own. We can only hope that our relationship lasts as long as your bad-ass products!

Robert S.
Lake Havasu, AZ

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