I have a few SureFires, but the one I keep coming back to is the SureFire L4, which has a great, wide-angle beam and it comes in a slim, small package that makes it easy to carry virtually anywhere. My friend once fired up my L4 and was absolutely amazed at how bright it was. Well, my friend recently went to a Southeast Asian country where there isn't much in the way of streetlights and there are a lot of power outages, so I gave him an L4 as a present, along with six sets of SureFire lithium batteries. He said it was really useful, and the light had such a great runtime that he ended up only using one set of batteries the whole two-week trip. Way to go, SureFire. I know he'll use that light for a lifetime, and I feel great knowing that he now has one of the best illumination tools available. Keep up the good work.

Maurice C.
Alameda, CA

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