Five buddies and I go deer hunting in Idaho every year. One member of our group, Skinny, has been praising the virtues of SureFire to all of us for quite some time now, but economic times being what they are, a major flashlight purchase was not high on most of our lists. After setting up camp and settling into the evening, Skinny began his tribute to SureFire as he showed us how the lights can work in two modes, battery life, and with this particular model, the E2DL Defender®, how it can be also used as a self-defense weapon, with its crenellated Strike Bezel®. We all agreed that it was something we should each have in our hunting packs and promised him that “someday” we would.

Well, someday came very quickly—Skinny vanished into his tent and returned with a box under his arm. Every one of us was dumbfounded when Skinny produced a brand-new Surefire E2DL Defender with batteries for each of us. He said he wanted to make sure we all had an edge when it came to nighttime illumination. It was the most memorable hunting trip in a long time.

Thanks, SureFire. And thanks again, Skinny.

Rex B. & the whole hunting gang
Caldwell, ID

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