It is an unfortunate reality that many of the brave men and women in uniform return home to no home at all. Our veterans, sworn to protect our freedom from threats both foreign and domestic, face a towering obstacle within our own country’s own borders. As an American citizen, I owe much to these selfless heroes, and I seek to repay them for their sacrifices. Through Habitat for Humanity and other local non-profits, I am able to put my efforts and skills to work building homes and communities for these individuals who need it most.

With every cut on the miter saw and every nail driven into the frame, I know I am one step closer to making a difference in the lives of those in need. But there is one problem that always holds me back from my mission...darkness. In the dark, nails are off-center and framing is out of square. Unfortunately, standard work lights cannot be carried onto framing in progress, and cheap headlamps barely illuminate scribe marks. Luckily, I chose SureFire, and the clutches of the dark night no longer hold me back! My Minimus headlamp produces a brilliant stream of light, free from artifacts that could obscure my gaze. With this mighty lamp, I can work longer, more precisely, and safer than ever before.

SureFire has allowed me to keep going when others quit. With my Minimus, I can accomplish my task and rest assured that I have given my all to the brave men and women who have done the same for me and my country.

Ian W.
Boulder, CO

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