As a young graduate of USMC boot camp, I was off to Iraq for my first deployment, back in 2006. Days before leaving U.S. soil, my father presented me with E2D Defender®. [Editor's Note: E2D has since been discontinued and replaced by the E2D LED Defender Ultra] This light immediately became a vital part of my everyday life. From performing fives and twenty-fives to building searches, even disorienting subjects, this small and powerful light has never failed me. It has endured 21 months in combat zones at extreme desert temperatures, numerous camping and hunting trips well below zero degrees, personal home searches, and more abuse than any flashlight should ever see. Nearly a decade later, as I embark on my next mission in life as a police officer, I can gladly say that my SureFire will continue to be my primary source of illumination. Should the day come when it is retired, it will be hung on the wall and a new and improved SureFire will take its place.

Thank you for an amazing product. I would also like to say that SureFire customer service is outstanding—as I’m sure it is—but I've never actually needed any service for the product. Here's to another bright decade!

Joseph S.
Arvada, CO

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