On a Friday night, we responded to a motor vehicle accident with person pinned. On scene, we had two patients who were already being treated. The second vehicle was nowhere in sight, and law enforcement had assumed it was a hit and run. Upon further investigation, we found the second vehicle under a tree, the limbs covering the vehicle, hiding it from plain view. As we started patient care, I crawled into the back seat to assist with patient care. One of the EMTs handed me their bulky Maglite and told me to hold it. I took it and promptly laid it down in the seat and reached up and switched on my SureFire G2®, with a KX4 LED conversion head that I had mounted on my helmet. It nearly blinded the techs as we packaged the patient for transport. While en route to the hospital, both EMT techs asked where they could purchase a light like mine. A month later, an email came out to everyone, recommending the purchase of G2 LEDs. I own many flashlights, but nothing compares to the quality of my SureFires.

Sean B.
Wichita, KS

See the G2 flashlight and the KX4 conversion head:

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