The first and only SureFire flashlight I have ever owned and utilized is my SureFire 6P Defender®, which I have learned is now discontinued. The flashlight survived me well during my two deployments to Iraq and two deployments to Afghanistan, and it continues to be my flashlight of choice. I have now ended my active service with the Marines, but I continue to use the 6P Defender in my everyday life. The flashlight now serves as my helmet-mounted light during my volunteer firefighting duties. I have tried other lights and found that none can beat my SureFire. I am currently in the police academy to become a peace officer, and I know that my SureFire 6P Defender is what I will carry while patrolling the streets. The 6P Defender may be discontinued and replaced by newer versions, like the 6PX Defender®, but this is a testament to the durability and confidence I have in SureFire flashlights.

Johnathan T.
San Elizario, TX

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