After reading about your new E1B Backup® light in a magazine, my wife and I decided to purchase each other the lights for Christmas of 2008. We ordered them via the web and received them in early December. On December 11, 2008, our region of the Northeast got slammed with the worst ice storm in recent history. Power went out for many days as a result of ice-caked trees taking the electric facilities down. Since I work for the local electric utility, I was called in from vacation to assist with power restoration and was assigned to lead some Tennessee contract line crews. The crews worked tirelessly for 16-hour shifts. I was able to take along and use my early Christmas gift, the SureFire E1B Backup light during the restoration. I used it primarily when I was away from my vehicle, mostly on the low setting, for close-up work, but when I needed to see any distance, the high setting really did the job and seemed like a spotlight.

I was very surprised to discover that, during the six days I was in the field during the restoration, the battery held up and lasted the duration. I'd actually brought along my wife's Backup for a backup, but never needed to use it. Since then, we experienced a severe windstorm in February 2010, and I was again called to duty to run outside contract crews for restoration. One of the first things I grabbed was my Backup-and a spare battery. I would highly recommend the Backup to anyone as a primary light. Keep up the great innovative work, SureFire.

Skip Z.
Exeter, NH

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