I’ve been a delivery driver for 11 years. When it gets dark, it is really hard to find addresses, so it’s crucial to have a good flashlight. I bought my first SureFire about eight years ago, the G2® Nitrolon®, a great entry-level SureFire. About two years ago, I upgraded to an E2D LED Defender®, which I absolutely love.

This past holiday season, I had a delivery helper ride with me, and I would pick him up at 5:30 every night. I brought along my G2 for him to use, and he was amazed at the quality of the flashlight. He rode with me for several weeks, and he mentioned several times that he would like to buy a G2 of his own. The last night he rode with me, when we finished up he handed me back my G2 and said, “Here you go; I’m turning in my SureFire.” I took it, looked it over one last time, and handed it back to him, telling him it was now his. The look on his face was worth giving it up. He was a good help to me, and he definitely earned it!

Ashley M.
Greenwood, AR

See the G2 Nitrolon and E2D LED Ultra flashlight:
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