My first encounter with SureFire flashlights occurred back in 2004, in Afghanistan. We arrived in country and part of our rapid fielding issue was our weapon-mounted SureFire lights. I cannot tell you how many times I used mine, from clearing caves to finding the latrines, I literally lived with it every day, and my life depended on it.

When I returned home I purchased multiple SureFires and stashed them everywhere. During the flooding of the Mississippi in 2008, I again relied on my SureFire flashlights. I was working with a volunteer firefighter, plugging holes in a levee while using SCUBA gear. The water was so dirty I could barely see, so I rigged two SureFire G2s in Ziplock bags to my face mask and continued to place sandbags underwater.

I’ve since returned to the military and use a variety of SureFire flashlights still. Just today I was wearing my Minimus headlamp as I was out into Hurricane Sandy. A SureFire is always with me, in my truck, on my adventure bike, in my backpack, stashed at home, and mounted to my weapons. I cannot envision a piece of equipment that I’ve ever owned that has had a more profound impact on my life.

Adam H.
Winfield, MO

See the G2 Nitrolon flashlight and Minimus headlamp:
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