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Back In 2005, I purchased my first SureFire flashlight, a G2® Nitrolon®, for hunting. In 2006, I enlisted in the Marine Corps as an Infantryman and took my SureFire with me. It lasted all of my training and through two combat deployments to Iraq. I've dropped it, run it over, smashed it, and pretty much anything else you can think of, and it still performed amazingly. I left active duty in 2010, and still use the same SureFire flashlight that I bought back in 2005. You guys make amazing products, and I will continue to buy them. Semper Fi!

Clinton Y. Milford, NE

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As a young graduate of USMC boot camp, I was off to Iraq for my first deployment, back in 2006. Days before leaving U.S. soil, my father presented me with E2D Defender®. [Editor's Note: E2D has since been discontinued and replaced by the E2D LED Defender Ultra] This light immediately became a vital part of my everyday life. From performing fives and twenty-fives to building searches, even disorienting subjects, this small and powerful light has never failed me. It has endured 21 months in combat zones at extreme desert temperatures, numerous camping and hunting trips well below zero degrees, personal home searches, and more abuse than any flashlight should ever see. Nearly a decade later, as I embark on my next mission in life as a police officer, I can gladly say that my SureFire will continue to be my primary source of illumination. Should the day come when it is retired, it will be hung on the wall and a new and improved SureFire will take its place.

Thank you for an amazing product. I would also like to say that SureFire customer service is outstanding—as I’m sure it is—but I've never actually needed any service for the product. Here's to another bright decade!

Joseph S.
Arvada, CO

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It is an unfortunate reality that many of the brave men and women in uniform return home to no home at all. Our veterans, sworn to protect our freedom from threats both foreign and domestic, face a towering obstacle within our own country’s own borders. As an American citizen, I owe much to these selfless heroes, and I seek to repay them for their sacrifices. Through Habitat for Humanity and other local non-profits, I am able to put my efforts and skills to work building homes and communities for these individuals who need it most.

With every cut on the miter saw and every nail driven into the frame, I know I am one step closer to making a difference in the lives of those in need. But there is one problem that always holds me back from my mission...darkness. In the dark, nails are off-center and framing is out of square. Unfortunately, standard work lights cannot be carried onto framing in progress, and cheap headlamps barely illuminate scribe marks. Luckily, I chose SureFire, and the clutches of the dark night no longer hold me back! My Minimus headlamp produces a brilliant stream of light, free from artifacts that could obscure my gaze. With this mighty lamp, I can work longer, more precisely, and safer than ever before.

SureFire has allowed me to keep going when others quit. With my Minimus, I can accomplish my task and rest assured that I have given my all to the brave men and women who have done the same for me and my country.

Ian W.
Boulder, CO

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I’ve been a delivery driver for 11 years. When it gets dark, it is really hard to find addresses, so it’s crucial to have a good flashlight. I bought my first SureFire about eight years ago, the G2® Nitrolon®, a great entry-level SureFire. About two years ago, I upgraded to an E2D LED Defender®, which I absolutely love.

This past holiday season, I had a delivery helper ride with me, and I would pick him up at 5:30 every night. I brought along my G2 for him to use, and he was amazed at the quality of the flashlight. He rode with me for several weeks, and he mentioned several times that he would like to buy a G2 of his own. The last night he rode with me, when we finished up he handed me back my G2 and said, “Here you go; I’m turning in my SureFire.” I took it, looked it over one last time, and handed it back to him, telling him it was now his. The look on his face was worth giving it up. He was a good help to me, and he definitely earned it!

Ashley M.
Greenwood, AR

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          G2   E2DLU-A

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I am severely allergic to bees and wasps and need to carry an EpiPen with me whenever I am outside my home, so I purchased your V10 nylon fixed-loop holster to carry my EpiPen. I have used that V10 holster on my travels around the world—in woods, jungles, and mountains. I have used it in places as diverse as Easter Island, Papua, New Guinea, Sri Lanka, and Turkey. It has proven to be a comfortable, convenient, and reliable method of keeping my EpiPen always on me. Fortunately, I haven’t had to use the pen thus far, but just having it with me is a great comfort to both me and my wife. Thanks, SureFire.

William M.
Leesburg, FL

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I am totally night blind due to a genetic mutation in both alleles of the rhodopsin gene. My life used to be ruled by the amount of available light, not being able to pursue certain activities after sunset until the following morning. Just to be able to walk outside at night, I've depended on SureFire flashlights, starting with the 100-lumen models. However, with the SureFire Maximus 500-lumen rechargeable headlamp, for the first time ever, I feel that my day is not finished when the sun sets. I no longer need to bump into things, feel my way around, or just wait until daylight; SureFire has essentially extended my workable day. Thanks immensely for your great products, which continue to get ever better.

Peter C.
Chestnut Hill, MA

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I am a deaf and legally blind Canadian working in Nepal, where we have only eight hours of active light per day and, at night, it’s incredibly dark. My dad gave me a SureFire P2X Fury® Defender®, and it is bright enough to light the entire room so I can see, cook, and move around without bumping into things. It is a lifesaver! It also saves me from the many potholes and cars on the busy, dark streets. A man once even tried to mug me, but I hit his arm with the crenellated Strike Bezel® and he ran off! Thank God for SureFire.

Christine R.
Cornwall, Ontario, Canada

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I consistently use SureFire EP5 Sonic Defenders® Max for ear protection while target shooting, but I've found many other uses for this fantastic and versatile product. I have very good hearing, some may say even hyper-sensitive. I use EP5s while working on construction projects and while using heavy equipment at home or in the shop. I also use them on my boat. I even use them for sleeping at times when I'm in a room full of snoring buddies on hunting or fishing trips. They are now a necessity in my life. SureFire products continue to wow me with how solidly built and reliable they are.

Jeramy T.
Edmonds, WA

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The first and only SureFire flashlight I have ever owned and utilized is my SureFire 6P Defender®, which I have learned is now discontinued. The flashlight survived me well during my two deployments to Iraq and two deployments to Afghanistan, and it continues to be my flashlight of choice. I have now ended my active service with the Marines, but I continue to use the 6P Defender in my everyday life. The flashlight now serves as my helmet-mounted light during my volunteer firefighting duties. I have tried other lights and found that none can beat my SureFire. I am currently in the police academy to become a peace officer, and I know that my SureFire 6P Defender is what I will carry while patrolling the streets. The 6P Defender may be discontinued and replaced by newer versions, like the 6PX Defender®, but this is a testament to the durability and confidence I have in SureFire flashlights.

Johnathan T.
San Elizario, TX

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I've owned my SureFire for about 10 years now, and it has always proven to be reliable and trustworthy. Recently, I unknowingly used non-recommended batteries [not SureFire-brand or from a well-known manufacturer] that ended up exploding inside my flashlight. Thankfully, SureFire stands behind their illumination tools and reputation, and they hooked me up with a full inspection, then refurbished, cleaned, replaced a few parts to get it up and running again. It was my fault for not using SureFire-brand batteries, but SureFire proved to be a true class act by taking care of me. Thanks, SureFire.

[For more information on the perils of using counterfeit or inferior batteries, visit SureFire’s BATTERY WARNINGS AND SAFETY page.]

Ricky E.
Rancho Cucamonga, CA

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My SureFire 2211® WristLight has been a blessing in so many ways. Always being strapped to my wrist, it’s able to help me spot suspicious people lurking in the neighborhood at night, find my keys that I dropped in the yard one night, work on the car, see hidden animals that had the dogs spooked—it even saved my wrist and arm from injury, when I fell one night, from my vertigo, and stepped off of the edge of the sidewalk. I somehow did a flip of sorts, and the WristLight took most of the impact instead of my wrist. And despite getting hit hard enough to knock a couple small chunks out of it, the WristLight just keeps on working.

I am very thankful for such a good product. I wish this had been around when I was working security jobs. I highly recommend this for anyone who needs a good, variable-output light you can keep with you 24/7. With the 15- to 200-lumen output range, it is surprising how much light it puts out in a flawless beam pattern.

Jeff K.
Greensboro, NC

See the 2211® WristLight

          2211 WristLight

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I was recently at my favorite Class 3 weapons dealer store, attending the grand opening of their new gun range. I was engaged in a conversation with a representative from a major law-enforcement/military products seller in attendance, and I asked him which suppressors he preferred. Of course, he mentioned SureFire. I followed up with, “If you had to choose one suppressor that would outlast all others, which would you choose?” Without any hesitation, he said “SureFire.” When I asked him why, he told me that SureFire puts thousands a rounds through their suppressors during testing. He added that, at some point, most all suppressors break and “start to rattle after a while,” but they had yet to break a SureFire suppressor. Ever. I was sold! Now, if I can just get the ATF to send my stamp.

Bruce B.
Madison, MS

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          Sound Suppressors

I’m a police officer and originally purchased a SureFire 6P® Original back in 1994. Yes, it is still my duty light today in 2012. It has seen many configurations, such as an upgrade to a rechargeable battery and a high-output lamp, but it is currently running on 123 lithium batteries and sporting an LED. Not much exciting to say, as it has fortunately never had to be used to take down a suspect. But it has been used many, many times to light up dark areas during searches. Whenever asked, I tell other officers how long I’ve had it and how reliable and durable it is. Thanks for your very high-quality products. Keep them coming.

Todd C.
Sacramento, CA

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Your Minimus Vision saved my marital bliss. I have been married for many years and have been an avid late night/early morning reader, often to make myself tired enough to fall back asleep. However, my habit frequently caused my wife, who is light sensitive and frustrated by my reading hours, to lose sleep, which wouldn’t make for a blissful next morning. Well, Minimus Vision, with its red filter, solved the problem. I just wear it on my head, point it at my book, and the low-signature red light doesn’t disturb my wife. Now we both sleep better.

Thanks, SureFire, for helping my marriage!

Benjamin G.
Morrisville, NC

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Hurricane Sandy was devastating my neighborhood, and it was time to obey the warnings and leave. High winds and pounding rain made it very dangerous for everyone, and fireman and police officers were mostly using flares at intersections because of power outages and their flashlights dying in the downpour. I gave my two SureFire E1B (now EB1) Backup® flashlights and a 12 pack of SureFire batteries to two officers helping cars get past some downed, sparking power wires. They wanted to pay me for them, but I, of course, refused and told them to stay safe. I was leaving the area for safety, but the police had to stay and keep things safe. I knew there was no way those lights would fail them, not even in a hurricane.

Angela M.
East Syracuse, NY

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          EB1   SF12-BB

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I was, and still am, a contractor for the DOD and the Department of State. I was deployed to Iraq in 2007 and met a young woman who loaned me her SureFire one evening in the bunker. We spent many long nights in bunkers or going for walks or what have you using her SureFire 6P® to light our way. Tumultuous times as they are, she ended up going home earlier than planned, and when she left she asked if I wanted her SureFire. I humbly accepted, and with a tearful kiss goodbye she was on her way back to the U.S. Well, here it is, five years later, and I still rock her 6P in the field in Iraq in support of the Department of State—and we are contemplating getting married and starting a family of our own. We can only hope that our relationship lasts as long as your bad-ass products!

Robert S.
Lake Havasu, AZ

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Five buddies and I go deer hunting in Idaho every year. One member of our group, Skinny, has been praising the virtues of SureFire to all of us for quite some time now, but economic times being what they are, a major flashlight purchase was not high on most of our lists. After setting up camp and settling into the evening, Skinny began his tribute to SureFire as he showed us how the lights can work in two modes, battery life, and with this particular model, the E2DL Defender®, how it can be also used as a self-defense weapon, with its crenellated Strike Bezel®. We all agreed that it was something we should each have in our hunting packs and promised him that “someday” we would.

Well, someday came very quickly—Skinny vanished into his tent and returned with a box under his arm. Every one of us was dumbfounded when Skinny produced a brand-new Surefire E2DL Defender with batteries for each of us. He said he wanted to make sure we all had an edge when it came to nighttime illumination. It was the most memorable hunting trip in a long time.

Thanks, SureFire. And thanks again, Skinny.

Rex B. & the whole hunting gang
Caldwell, ID

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My first encounter with SureFire flashlights occurred back in 2004, in Afghanistan. We arrived in country and part of our rapid fielding issue was our weapon-mounted SureFire lights. I cannot tell you how many times I used mine, from clearing caves to finding the latrines, I literally lived with it every day, and my life depended on it.

When I returned home I purchased multiple SureFires and stashed them everywhere. During the flooding of the Mississippi in 2008, I again relied on my SureFire flashlights. I was working with a volunteer firefighter, plugging holes in a levee while using SCUBA gear. The water was so dirty I could barely see, so I rigged two SureFire G2s in Ziplock bags to my face mask and continued to place sandbags underwater.

I’ve since returned to the military and use a variety of SureFire flashlights still. Just today I was wearing my Minimus headlamp as I was out into Hurricane Sandy. A SureFire is always with me, in my truck, on my adventure bike, in my backpack, stashed at home, and mounted to my weapons. I cannot envision a piece of equipment that I’ve ever owned that has had a more profound impact on my life.

Adam H.
Winfield, MO

See the G2 Nitrolon flashlight and Minimus headlamp:
          G2   HS2-A-BK

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A friend of mine ordered a couple of pairs of your Surefire EP3 Sonic Defenders earplugs and gave me a pair to try. My hearing isn't the greatest to start with, and I have to say that these earplugs are AWESOME! I am totally blown away with the protection they provide. These have been able to keep me enjoying shooting at the range without losing any more of my hearing. You guys have outdone yourself on these earplugs, and I truly love using them and how they fit in your ears and protect my hearing while shooting. I'm going to purchase a couple pairs for myself, as I'm completely impressed by your product and truly love all of your other products. Keep up the great work, SureFire!

Todd F.
Nashville, TN

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A couple of months after purchasing my new Surefire E1L Outdoorsman, I noticed that the tailcap pushbutton switch was making a strange noise every time I pressed, unlike all of my other SureFire lights that make no strange noises and are very solid. So I called SureFire Customer Service, and they were more than happy to send me out a new one to see if it would correct the problem, which it did. There was no hassling me about where I bought the light, if I had the receipt—nothing. They just asked for my name and address and very quickly shipped me a new tailcap. Quite simply, an outstanding product and legendary customer service.

Thank you very much for standing behind your product. I love all of my SureFire flashlights.

Scott C.
San Carlos, CA

See the E1L Outdoorsman

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The East Coast was being slammed with a freak snowstorm. We had just lost power, and I had to go out and get some ice to prevent our food from spoiling. At the intersection near the store, two cars were involved in a pretty nasty accident. With no electricity to power the traffic signals, they must not have noticed each other and collided. The situation appeared to be pretty dangerous with limited visibility and flying snow.

A police officer was already on the scene, and he looked pretty overwhelmed. I and a few other drivers got out of our cars to see what we could do to help. The officer told everyone to get back in their cars—except for me. He called me over and asked me to help divert traffic. I gladly obliged, grabbing my G2X Pro to assist the officer in redirecting cars until official help arrived.

After the situation was under control, the officer thanked me and I asked him why he selected me to help. “Easy,” he said, nodding at the SureFire cap on my head, “your hat.” He said he was familiar with SureFire and the types of people who use their products. SureFire represents more than just quality illumination tools; it represents a certain brand of people. In this particular officer’s eyes, strong, capable, people who can be relied on for help. Thanks, SureFire.

Victor P.
Hellertown, PA

See the SureFire G2X Pro flashlight

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There is no other product that I rely on more than my SureFire flashlights. It has saved me numerous times, and I own several. I always keep a SureFire flashlight in my car, in my tackle box, in my tool box, and one at my house. I always feel safer when I have a SureFire light by my side.

Some people say that dogs are man’s best friend, but, for me, a SureFire light is. I give them as presents to friends and family, and my father, who flies a plane in his spare time, says he loves your lights, especially when he has to check charts in the dark while flying. My older brother raves about your lights, too—ever since he was hunting and used your flashlight to help him track down a twelve-point buck! Unlike other products that break easily, your lights can truly take a licking and keep on shining.

I continue to rely on your flashlights, and I tell everyone I know that a SureFire flashlight is one product they absolutely need to own.

Hunter K.
Saint Simmons Island, GA

See all SureFire flashlights:


On a recent trip up to our family cabin, in the snowy mountains of Southern California, my G2X Pro was indispensible and helped me ensure that all the people around me stayed safe and comfortable. SureFire, as a company, is a perfect example of what American companies are capable of. The manufacturing is top notch, and the customer service is hands down the best I've ever encountered. I have extreme confidence that my G2X will continue to keep me and my loved ones safe for many years to come. Thank you for an excellent product and outstanding customer service.

Zach S.
Temecula, CA

See the G2X Pro flashlight:


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I've never saved anyone or performed an act of heroism with my SureFire, but as a visually impaired person, I find the quality of SureFire lights to be second to none. I use mine with a diffuser and find the nice, even light with no dark spots perfect for every situation where I need light, like finding my kids in the dark or taking out the trash. I've had several SureFire models over the past eight years and have found them all to be excellent. I've managed to avoid having to use a white cane; for me, a SureFire is a better, more efficient tool.

Brent B.
Newfoundland, Canada

I just installed a set of Rapid Transition Sights on my LMT Defender and they are bad ass! I have a Leupold AR 3x9 and needed a close range sight system and they more than exceed my expectations.

Ben Gibson
Goldsboro, NC

See the Rapid Transition Sights:


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As a previous machine shop owner, I appreciate the quality, durability and versatility of the Rapid Transition Sights. After using it for 3-gun shooting, I feel you have designed and manufactured a superior product for the sport.

DuWaine Emmons
Kuna, ID

See the Rapid Transition Sights:


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Your Rapid_Transition_Sights are a must have for 3 gun shooting. The best back-up sight available anywhere. These sights are so sturdy I put a second set on my SWAT entry rifle.

Keith Garcia

See the Rapid Transition Sights:


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I have retinitis pigmentosa (RP), a genetic and incurable retinal degenerative disease that causes night blindness and tunnel vision. For this reason, I have walked fully clothed into a swimming pool several times in my life, apologized to mailboxes and fire hydrants when I walk into them, etc.

One day, my wife discovered a SureFire flashlight in a spy shop in London. Since that day, I never go out without one, and often two, SureFire flashlights and spare batteries. Unfortunately, very few people with RP have heard of SureFire flashlights, or know about the great intensity and superb quality of your products. And rather than direct patients to SureFire, local RP experts in Boston have instead urged patients to purchase expensive infrared optical devices, a much less cost-effective alternative.

I'm indebted to SureFire, and frequently tell others with my condition about your superb products.

Peter C.
Chestnut Hill, MA

A few months ago, I started looking for a better pocket flashlight than my ten-dollar No-Name brand that would go dim shortly after a fresh set of batteries were installed. I found the G2X Pro, which had the best blend of usability, reliability, and cost, for my budget, anyway. It took almost an entire month for its batteries to run down, and I use it all the time, and the quality is just amazing I wish I had a life-or-death story to tell about it, but not yet although I know that if the situation ever arises, it will surely stand up to the occasion. Thanks, SureFire, for your dedication to quality. Nothing in portable lighting comes even close to a SureFire. Period.

Divad V.
Whitsett, NC

See the G2X Pro flashlight:


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An A+ to the Warranty/Repairs Department at SureFire. I purchased a G2® LED and a Helmet Light, both of which were beaten to near death by me. SureFire was very helpful in sending me replacement parts and even replaced my Helmet Light for no charge. Thanks, SureFire. You now have a customer for life.

Rod H.
Anchorage, AK

See the SureFire Helmet Lights

           HL1-A   HL1-B-TN   HL1-C-TN   HL1-D-TN

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On a Friday night, we responded to a motor vehicle accident with person pinned. On scene, we had two patients who were already being treated. The second vehicle was nowhere in sight, and law enforcement had assumed it was a hit and run. Upon further investigation, we found the second vehicle under a tree, the limbs covering the vehicle, hiding it from plain view. As we started patient care, I crawled into the back seat to assist with patient care. One of the EMTs handed me their bulky Maglite and told me to hold it. I took it and promptly laid it down in the seat and reached up and switched on my SureFire G2®, with a KX4 LED conversion head that I had mounted on my helmet. It nearly blinded the techs as we packaged the patient for transport. While en route to the hospital, both EMT techs asked where they could purchase a light like mine. A month later, an email came out to everyone, recommending the purchase of G2 LEDs. I own many flashlights, but nothing compares to the quality of my SureFires.

Sean B.
Wichita, KS

See the G2 flashlight and the KX4 conversion head:

            G2   KX4

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As a camera assistant on motion pictures, television shows, and commercials, I handle very intricate and small parts, often colored black, every day. Though a movie set is full of light, where cameras are placed is never bright, and we camera crew need flashlights all day long.

Threading film precisely inside film cameras and checking for dust and foreign objects is one of the main tasks of a camera assistant. When an assistant director says to check the gate after a take, it is the camera assistant's job to check the gate area of the camera for any foreign objects that might show up on the film. Upon our approval, we move on to the next camera set-ups. This process requires a good, dependable flashlight, as we have to inspect a very small film gate very thoroughly. SureFire flashlights are the camera crew's choice and have been for years. We use them every day, and SureFire never fails us. They're bright, robust, durable, and feature long- lasting bulbs, at affordable prices.

We camera crew guys consider SureFire one of our best investments.

Sung C.
New York, NY

I'm an Eagle Scout and go camping quite frequently with my local Boy Scout Troop. The one thing that I always bring with me is my SureFire L2 [superseded by the LX2--Ed.] and/or my SureFire E1L Outdoorsman. These great lights have always served me well in all camping conditions. My L2 can easily light up the whole campsite. I am always amazed at how many comments I get about how bright it is. Also, I always love how these lights become the center of conversation among the younger scouts and even the adults. It's always kind of fun to gloat and be, like, "Yep, that's my flashlight."

Thanks, SureFire, for making such an awesome flashlight that can wow Boy Scouts. Keep up the good work.

Ben M.
Lebanon, OH

See the LX2 and the E1L flashlights:

          LX2-HA-WH   E1L-A

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After reading about your new E1B Backup® light in a magazine, my wife and I decided to purchase each other the lights for Christmas of 2008. We ordered them via the web and received them in early December. On December 11, 2008, our region of the Northeast got slammed with the worst ice storm in recent history. Power went out for many days as a result of ice-caked trees taking the electric facilities down. Since I work for the local electric utility, I was called in from vacation to assist with power restoration and was assigned to lead some Tennessee contract line crews. The crews worked tirelessly for 16-hour shifts. I was able to take along and use my early Christmas gift, the SureFire E1B Backup light during the restoration. I used it primarily when I was away from my vehicle, mostly on the low setting, for close-up work, but when I needed to see any distance, the high setting really did the job and seemed like a spotlight.

I was very surprised to discover that, during the six days I was in the field during the restoration, the battery held up and lasted the duration. I'd actually brought along my wife's Backup for a backup, but never needed to use it. Since then, we experienced a severe windstorm in February 2010, and I was again called to duty to run outside contract crews for restoration. One of the first things I grabbed was my Backup-and a spare battery. I would highly recommend the Backup to anyone as a primary light. Keep up the great innovative work, SureFire.

Skip Z.
Exeter, NH

See the EB1 flashlight:


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I have been into flashlights for as long as I can remember. I've owned more than I can count, from disposable squeeze lights, in the early years, to many name-brand, bulky aluminum ones; spotlights too. I have been on a two-decade search for the "best" flashlight I can carry, since I have plenty at home and in my car. I eventually made my list of qualifications of my dream everyday-carry flashlight:

1. Small enough to carry
2. Not too expensive
3. A super-bright LED
4. Durable
5. Won't accidentally turn on in my pocket
6. Affordable batteries

Unfortunately, no flashlights I checked out met all of these qualifications. I'd heard of SureFire, mainly from family friends, but I always thought they were hundreds of dollars, even for the cheapest models. I also thought their lamps burned out in a matter of hours and that the 123A lithium batteries that powered them were expensive.

Well, one lucky break at the car-rental place where I work changed my mind. When we find things in cars that aren't garbage, we put them in lost-and-found and, if they aren't claimed after a couple of months, we can keep them. I found a SureFire 6P® in a car, which never got claimed, so, after a couple of months, it became mine. I bought some new batteries for it, and it worked fantastic. After that, I started visiting the SureFire website frequently, even making it a "favorite" on my phone. I read a lot about your flashlights, and what really impressed me were the "True Stories." Recently, I bought a 6PX Pro and a quick-release holster at a local store that carries SureFire, and I now know that, at 30 years old, my search for the "best" flashlight is finally over. It meets all of my qualifications. All other flashlights (except my found 6P) are nothing but cheap toys now. My 6P is next to my bed, at home, and I carry my 6PX everywhere I go, always on my belt, ready for use. I am a SureFire fan for life.

Jayson H.
Beaverton, OR

See the 6P Original and 6PX Pro flashlights:

            6P-BK   6PX-B-BK

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I work as an EMT in an Emergency Dept. in northern Vermont. Besides my trauma shears, a cheap pen, and an extra pair of gloves, the only piece of equipment I carry on my person day to day is my trusty E1L Outdoorsman. I use the low beam to check pupillary response and have used the high beam to investigate a multitude of foreign body obstructions in any number of openings and orifices. The ER Docs are often surprised by the intensity of "that little light" when I hand them my Surefire instead of one of our 2 D-Cell plastic lights. Thanks for making a dependable product that performs flawlessly, every time.

Matt L.
Burlington, VT

See the E1L flashlight:


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As a security officer and an EMT, I need a good light that will hold up to the rigors of daily life. I recently picked up a 6P® LED [superseded by the 6PX Tactical--Ed.] from a local gun shop, and, when I went to pay for it, the owner's wife asked why SureFire lights were so popular and cost more than other brands. I simply replied, "Because they're the best damn lights out there, period." The owner's response was, "I couldn't have said it any better." Thanks for making awesome products that constantly beg for attention and turn heads wherever I go.

Bruce B.
Atascadero, CA

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I have a few SureFires, but the one I keep coming back to is the SureFire L4, which has a great, wide-angle beam and it comes in a slim, small package that makes it easy to carry virtually anywhere. My friend once fired up my L4 and was absolutely amazed at how bright it was. Well, my friend recently went to a Southeast Asian country where there isn't much in the way of streetlights and there are a lot of power outages, so I gave him an L4 as a present, along with six sets of SureFire lithium batteries. He said it was really useful, and the light had such a great runtime that he ended up only using one set of batteries the whole two-week trip. Way to go, SureFire. I know he'll use that light for a lifetime, and I feel great knowing that he now has one of the best illumination tools available. Keep up the good work.

Maurice C.
Alameda, CA

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Just wanted to let you guys know how much I love my Surefire lights. I started off with the A2 thinking I was insane for spending over $200 for a flashlight, but boy was I wrong! Within moments of turning on my A2, I realized it was money well spent, and a week later I bought a U2 Ultra, which never leaves my side. work nights hauling liquid nitrogen and oxygen and depending on the task at hand I need different amounts of light. When I'm reading a LCD meter, too much power washes out the readings, so I set the U2's adjustable setting to low. When I'm inspecting my truck or scoping out a dark delivery area, I have the U2 set on high.

I've dropped my U2 several times and it shows no signs of wear at all. My company gave us "police style" flashlights made by another major manufacturer a few weeks back, and I just had to laugh at the build quality and the performance (or lack of it). Needless to say, that light is still sitting in my locker collecting dust while my U2 is my light of choice. My U2 is also the only light that, when people see me using it, they walk up to me and ask me what kind of light I am using. I let them try it out and direct them to this site so they can get their own. Thanks Surefire for making my job much safer, easier, and brighter!

Les L.
Bethlehem, PA

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Yeah, your flashlights are great, but let's hear about the other products. All I can say! Your M73 Picatinny Rail Forend is the best out there. I did my shopping and compared all of the available hand guards out there. I cannot say enough about your "M" model. By far this is the best engineered device I've ever seen! When it arrived and I saw how the M73 mounted on the weapon, I was beside myself. I have never been so pleased with an "Attachment" than I am with your M73 Forend. The engineering of it has surpassed all out there. I am in no way showing favorites....This is just the truth. Yours attaches in such a way that it doesn't move one centimeter at all. The M73 is rock solid, lets the muzzle breathe, and with the lower front end (at the 'six' position) being a half inch longer, my bi-pod takes up less real estate on my weapon.I have bragged about your "M" series to all my "Black Rifle" buddies out there! Keep up the great work SureFire! Your very satisfied customer,

Mike C.
State College, PA

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My in-laws were visiting for Thanksgiving and were telling us a story about how their power went out in their new home during a BIG storm. With Christmas just around the corner, I made a mental note to get them a SureFire G2® LED [superseded by the G2X Tactical--Ed.]. Last week, while visiting, my mother-in-law dropped something that went under the couch. Excited to try out her new flashlight, which she had with her, she fired it up and looked under the couch, where she excitedly found the item she was looking for and a whole lot more. Her excitement quickly turned to shock as she gazed at all the dust under the couch. A "clean freak," she immediately proceeded to dust, sweep, and vacuum, her G2 LED in hand, making sure she picked up every last speck of dust. Not only did that G2 LED save the day, it got our house cleaned more thoroughly than it's been in years. Thanks, SureFire.

David G.
New York, NY

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I'm a studio photographer who really appreciates the quality of light that your E1L Outdoorsman puts out - bright, beautiful, and smooth. I had to give a lecture on my specialty, "painting with light," so I decided to do a still life photo of oranges, in front of an audience of 60 people, and I lit it solely with my E1L. The results were great, and the audience was amazed at how well that little flashlight lit the subject.

Harold R.
West Chester, PA

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