I work in the Bay Area in California for one of the major bridges. As toll collectors, my co-workers and I deal with a lot of disgruntled drivers who are upset with toll fares. Well, shortly after one of the other toll collectors was verbally threatened in their booth, I decided I needed a little extra “insurance,” so I purchased a SureFire 6PX Defender® on the recommendation of a fellow employee. I absolutely loved this flashlight and left it in my booth for quick access.

One night, while on the graveyard shift, a large pickup truck was coming through and, as standard operating procedure, I put my hand out to collect the fare. Suddenly, the driver grabbed my hand and tried to pull me over to grab the money I had in my other hand for making change. I’m a female, and this man was incredibly strong. I immediately dropped the change and grabbed my 6PX, flashing it directly into his eyes. He let go to shield his vision, but not before I drove the flashlight’s Strike Bezel® into his hand. He sped off but was apprehended shortly thereafter by police. He was identified by the images from our security cameras…and by the nice circular wound on his hand from my flashlight.

Thanks, SureFire. After that incident, a few more people from work decided to take the safer route and work with a SureFire flashlight close by.

Regina Q.
Oakland, CA

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