While walking my dog at midnight, a car drove by me after skidding around a corner, blowing off the stop sign. A few minutes later, it did the same thing, but this time came out of a street ahead of me, turning towards me, about 75 yards away. I flashed my U2 Ultra a couple of times on the ground in front of me, as they were on the wrong side of the street coming straight toward me. The car slowed as it drove past me, and then I heard it make a U-turn and saw the headlights sweep past me. A door opened as the car slowed down. Behind me, I heard footsteps running at me. It was nearly black out, with no streetlights. I carry a legally concealed handgun, so I drew it and paired it with my U2, prepared for the worst. As I drew a bead and yelled "Stop," using the U2's full setting to light up the scene, I saw a kid in a knit cap bearing down on me. Yep, a kid maybe 18. The light from the U2 was bright enough for me to see him and stunned him, making him stumble and change direction back toward the car. He jumped in and they sped away. Turns out that was graduation night, and these kids were just out having some fun, feeling a bit full of themselves. A weaker light wouldn't have let me properly assess the potential threat. My SureFire U2 saved that kid's life.

Scott V.
Los Alamos, NM

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