One evening, I was walking up the street and heard a woman scream. Across the street, 50-60 yards away, I observed a young man trying to climb in through the first-floor window of a row home. I lit him up with my E2D LED Defender® and shouted, "Is everything okay?!" The bright light flooded the entire front of the house, and he was surprised at being interrupted. He replied that everything was fine and I should mind my own business, but the woman standing in the window with a baseball bat in hand was enough to understand that everything was not, in fact, okay. The young man took off running, and the woman called the police.

My E2DL allowed me to be helpful and assertive at a safe distance to interrupt and de-escalate a dangerous situation—without having to get physical or put myself directly in harm’s way. When my friends ask me for a recommendation on an everyday-carry or weapon-mounted light, I always tell them that other brands are for when you just WANT a light, but SureFires are for when you NEED a light.

John H.
Philadelphia, PA

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