I work in a Level III state prison in South Carolina. My wife had bought me a SureFire E2DL Defender® for an early Christmas present, and approximately three weeks after receiving it, I had an incident happen on duty where it saved my life. I was assaulted by an inmate using a padlock on a string as a weapon. I was hit multiple times and had exhausted all of my OC chemical munitions, but to no avail. I was able to take the inmate to the ground to gain control, but while on the ground, he got the padlock back into his hand and proceeded to hit me in the back of the head with it. It was a matter of life of death, and I was determined to get home that night, but had it not been for my Defender flashlight, I might not have. With blood running down my face, I pulled out my Defender and put its Strike Bezel® to work. Three strikes to his face were enough to stop him in his tracks until other officers were able to assist me. My hat’s off to those who created the awesome Strike Bezel! That incident sold me on SureFire flashlights for life!

Thomas C.
Columbia, SC

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