As a corrections officer for my state’s DOC, it is my job to ensure the inmates do not escape. One night, while on the yard patrol, I spotted some movement out of the corner of my eye, near one of the housing units. I pulled my SureFire 6PX Pro from my duty belt and pressed the tailcap to unleash its 200 lumens of maximum output. As I investigated the scene, I discovered two inmates 100 yards away trying to jump the dividing fence between the unit and inner perimeter area. I dispatched first response. Within seconds, the cavalry came running, and I kept my 6PX’s beam on the inmates so as not to lose them. My lieutenant and I pulled the two would-be escapees off the fence, and they were cuffed and placed in lockdown.

As to how they got out of the unit in the first place, it was a very cold night, and judging from their temperature and the bluish color of their skin, it appears they slipped around the corner at first shift chow movement. But all that really matters is that they did not get out—and they two of them got a longer stay with us than they originally bargained for. It’s a good thing I had my SureFire, because without it I wouldn't have been able to spot them from so far away.

Chris S.
Lodge, SC

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