My wife and I are 62 years old and live in a semi-rural area. One night, while we were both in bed, our dog went into high alert, darting from window to window. He then started to bark, which he only does when someone is near the house. A male voice rang out from the darkness, calling a girl’s name. I told my wife not turn on lights and to call the police. The voice called out again: “Come out, there’s a big dog in the house.” He continued talking for about five minutes, and by this time I was fully dressed and had my SureFire M6LT Guardian®and Sig 228 in hand and was watching the guy through the window.

Suddenly, he charged the house and landed two solid kicks on the back door, totally willing to face a very pissed-off big dog. He then went to our bedroom window, which I was on the other side of, and cut the screen and ripped it off in one motion before starting to climb through it. I fired up my M6LT and blasted its 900 lumens of light directly into his eyes, two feet from his face. He fell backwards onto his back, out the window and completely disoriented. After a moment to recover, he got up and ran off into the darkness. The police came, and I gave a good description of his face, thanks to the bright light of my M6LT. They apprehended him near our home a short while later and took him into custody.

Thanks, SureFire, for helping me to do what even our large guard dog couldn’t–keep that home intruder out.

Ernest A.
Stockton, CA

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