One night, as I was taking a hike in the woods, I noticed a large group of teenagers who started walking right behind me. They seemed very suspicious, like they were up to no good. At the time, I was lighting my way with my E2D LED Defender®, set on the low 5-lumen mode. Suddenly, one of the teens ran in front of me and demanded that I give him my money or he would punch me. At that point, I turned off my E2DL and then quickly turned it back on, locking it into its 120-lumen "high" mode, and pointed it right in his eyes. He closed his eyes, and then, with an overhand motion, I punched him in the shoulder with the light's Strike Bezel®. As he fell to the ground, screaming in pain, I lighted up his group of friends. They all said that they were extremely sorry and not to hurt them.

I continued my walk down the trail, calling the police. Then I watched the cops escort the teenagers out of the woods and into the parking lot. The teen I hit with the bezel required medical attention for a fractured shoulder blade. Several of the teens were found to have switch blades on them, and I was congratulated by the cops for my brave act and refusing to fall victim to those punks. Thanks, SureFire, for helping me to bring down a bad guy.

Pawel S.
Garfield, NJ

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